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Strangetown Magic – Urban Fantasy Series



The vampire was squashed as flat as my hair on a bad day, and the troll had his eye on me next. Then I nearly got killed because of a pigeon, and then I forgot the bloody shopping. I knew the rest of the day would suck.

It did. I got a call. I had a job.

With the city still in chaos after the Rift spat out more Strange than we could cope with, and me seriously reconsidering my role as Justice, I get dragged down deep into the dark underbelly of all things magical.

Things go from bad to worse as I chase a way too hot shifter monster across the scarred landscape of ground zero, a mystery reveals itself that threatens our already tenuous future, and everything unravels as violence escalates.

It doesn’t help that a demon who thinks fo’ shizzle is the latest in street talk insists on tagging along, the dark elves are amassing on the other side, and I almost lost Mr. Moppet.

Whatever, I’m a five-hundred-year-old witch and I’m gonna clean up this city no matter what.

I’m Swift, and I’ll show them Justice.

Welcome to Strangetown.