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Bathed in Dragon’s Blood Urban Fantasy Series


Human Folly: Bathed in Dragon's Blood Urban Fantasy Series Elven Chaos: Bathed in Dragon's Blood Urban Fantasy Series Dwarven Madness: Bathed in Dragon's Blood Urban Fantasy Series


Tormented loner, Kifo, is an assassin on a mission to uncover the truth and survive the lies.

Tasked with eradicating magical miscreants, Kifo’s never happier than when practicing his skills with Ziggy, his thaumaturgic weapon of choice, while his painted dog companion and bonded dragon rest in the peace of his compound. But his idyllic life is shattered when the brash young dragon feeds from the fresh corpse of a breathtakingly beautiful renegade witch and gains the ability to shift into her beguiling form.

As he grapples with his newfound feelings, and Tali’s increasingly persistent advances, Kifo’s mentor and de-facto father, Charles, is snatched by dark mages under the orders of a renegade elf. With the help of a mysterious shifter, the team battle through the gritty streets of a decaying London, where drones watch their every move and the starving populace is on the brink of revolt.

As they get ever closer to Charles, Kifo uncovers dark, deadly secrets about not only his friend, but his own forgotten past. Questions and suspicions greet him at every turn, and Kifo realizes he’s being manipulated, a pawn in a very dangerous game he can’t understand. But why? And what is the true end-game here? Nothing is as it seems, and lies abound as Kifo fights not only for his life, but for the truth.

A story of love, loss, and redemption in a world disintegrating under Human Folly, Bathed in Dragon’s Blood is a page-turning, action-packed urban fantasy series full of twists and turns and one very sultry dragon…