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The Commorancy – Dystopian Fantasy/SciFi Series for Adults and Mature Young Adults

Nobody noticed as it swept around the globe – until billions began to die. Then it got a name: The Lethargy. Everyone just gave up, all interest in life relentlessly gnawed away.

Marcus was different – he became something else: Awoken. A man able to bend reality to his will and peel back the layers of the complex world he found himself alone in.

His only true desire was to help safeguard mankind’s future, so The Commorancy was constructed – a fabled safe haven for those lucky enough to get an invitation after passing his strict and convoluted entry requirements. But there are those out to ensure humanity is wiped from the planet entirely, led by a tattooed red man that will stop at nothing.

Three hundred years living a life that was never meant to be means that Marcus’ grip on reality is becoming severely warped. When fifteen year old Letje finally gets her invitation she finds herself completely out of her depth. Haughty goats, an almost mythical man obsessed with changing his clothes at every available opportunity, and doors that go whoosh don’t help her situation as the very future of mankind hangs in the balance.

With elements of fantasy, sci-fi and gothic otherworldliness The Commorancy is an exciting new dystopian series that revels in the bizarre. A vividly constructed world with engrossing characters transports you to a future all too possible yet fantastical. Entertaining, thought provoking, and odd – in a good way.